Beyond the Moving Boxes

Oct 09, 2023 Cotton Farms News

When approaching a move, priority is typically focused on the physical relocation of packed boxes, furniture, or vehicles. While organizing those items is an excellent way to guarantee a smooth transition, there are several other checkpoints that can be completed pre-emptively that are often forgotten. Many of these “soft” items can be tackled as a family, even offering a way to generate excitement and positive anticipation for the coming move.


As a household, make a list of typical activities that keep each member involved in the local area such as recreational sports, memberships to clubs, or church affiliations. By researching these favorites in your new hometown, you may be able to make plans even before the door to your new home is unlocked. As the moving day nears, reach out to applicable groups and let them know you will soon be Cotton Farm’s newest resident. This approach will alleviate some of the anxiety that often bubbles up upon arriving in a new neighborhood!



As you prepare to move, reach out to local utility companies that will serve your beautiful new home. Many offer set-up programs that can be arranged ahead of time eliminating any gaps in service.


Grade Schools:

For those moving with children, setting up school transfers is essential for a smooth transition. Many families opt to move during the summer months when children are between grades, but that does not eliminate the ability to meet new school friends before the first day of classes. Once you’ve decided which school your child will attend, reach out to the main office and request that your contact details be shared with those who live in or near your new neighborhood. Moving is stressful for all ages but being able to make friends prior to that first day of school can make it much easier.


The Cotton Farms community has access to numerous Wake County schools:

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

In addition to the schools listed above, there are six private schools within a thirty-mile radius.



Secondary to the transition to new schools may be the need to find new recreational options. The area surrounding Cotton Farms has endless options at a variety of levels, all a perfect way to help artists or athletes of all ages become a part of their new community.

Urgent Care:

Of course, the last thing anyone wants to think about is locating an urgent care or hospital facility. It is, however, very important to know what options are available prior to needing them. It is also recommended that new residents map out locations upon moving to the area.


Many movers are on the ball when it comes to selecting healthcare just after settling in as this is one area that we all want to be prepared for. Selecting a pharmacy? This is often an afterthought that doesn’t pop up until mid-appointment when the question arises regarding prescription fulfillment preferences. While the area is host to big box pharmacies, why not support a local business?


Pets play a huge part in many of our lives and moving is equally stressful for our four-legged friends. Make sure your current veterinarian knows that you will be moving so that your records can be collected for your new cat or canine caretaker. It is likely that your veterinarian will have a few great recommendations near your new home, saving you the trouble of handling the legwork.

As you prepare to move, create a notebook to jot down any additional activities or facilities that will be needed as you put down roots in quaint Fuquay-Varina. The Cotton Farms community is convenient to endless options for recreation and socialization. Mapping out plans beyond the moving boxes is a terrific way to jump right into this thriving area.


Reach out to the Cotton Farms team today to begin your path to a new hometown!